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Ursalink integrates devices into Switzercloud IoT platform

  • September 3, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Chinese IoT hardware company Ursalink has completed the software integration of its devices and gateways with Brunata’s Switzercloud IoT platform.

The partnership is designed to combine the diversity of Ursalink’s LoRaWan IoT hardware portfolio with the versatility of the Switzercloud IoT platform to simplify the creation and deployment of smart city, utility and other IoT projects in Switzerland.

“Our partnership with Ursalink reflects a shared commitment to bring innovative, smart and powerful IoT to the marketplace,” said Val Jelinic, IoT lead at Swiss firm Brunata. “Switzercloud customers benefit from access to an even broader range of LoRaWan hardware designed for monitoring indoor and outdoor environments, all seamlessly blended with Switzercloud’s IoT Swiss-army-knife of features and functionality, including reporting, condition setting and alerting. We are very excited about this new chapter in our business”

At the core of the partnership is the software integration on the Switzercloud IoT platform to accommodate and interface with data from Ursalink LoRaWan sensors and gateways. As a result, not only can users intuitively visualise their IoT data collected from a wide variety of sensors and devices, but they can also create customised dashboards, share password-protected reports via refreshable web links, and provide access to data available from anywhere, anytime on any smart device, thereby simplifying usability and reducing the total cost.

“Ursalink’s LoRaWan hardware portfolio with Switzercloud’s IoT platform perfectly offers abundant solutions to satisfy customers’ needs by creating and monitoring comfortable environments based on measured values of temperature, humidity, light, motion, carbon dioxide, barometric pressure, TVOC and so on,” said Alan Shen, general manager at Ursalink. “We look forward to fruitful cooperation with Brunata as we both hope to transform, streamline and accelerate device-to-cloud in order to bring greater performance and enhanced user experience to customers.”

Brunata has already integrated a number of Ursalink IoT devices on the Switzercloud with a view to launching packages for the Swiss market. The companies will take their first commercial steps together with a focus on the smart buildings market.

Brunata offers IoT consulting and develops scalable IoT end-to-end products for cities, service companies and energy providers. Its offering is based on various low-power WAN technologies such as LoRaWan, Sigfox and mobile communications.