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Trilliant showcases smart city technology in Cowansville

  • August 4, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Trilliant and the city of Cowansville in Quebec are to showcase smart city technology using Cowansville infrastructure and Trilliant’s patented networking technologies.
Cowansville is less than 30km from Trilliant’s Granby design centre in south-central Quebec. The proximity between Trilliant and Cowansville provides an opportunity for both parties to demonstrate the benefits of smart city applications and see them in action.
The partnership, a jointly funded project between Trilliant’s engineering team and Cowansville, provides the city with the ability to test Trilliant’s latest offerings and services that directly support citizens, while demonstrating Trilliant’s technology in a living laboratory that promotes Quebec’s position in smart cities.
“The leadership of Cowansville has expressed their commitment to providing services that improve the lives of citizens, while remaining at the forefront of innovation,” said David Kranzler, senior vice president for Trilliant. “We are excited to leverage our deep expertise in smart solutions to help our neighbours in Cowansville realise the benefits of smart street lighting through the deployment of a network that also supports a growing suite of industrial IoT applications, making their smart city aspirations a reality.”
Cowansville will first implement Trilliant’s SecureMesh neighbourhood area network (NAN) technology, which provides reliability, bandwidth and the low latency that is necessary for smart city applications. Once the network is established, smart streetlights will be deployed by Cowansville. The benefits of connected streetlights include remote management, condition-based maintenance and energy savings that contribute to sustainability efforts.
“We work hard to recognise and be responsive to the needs of our community, and understand the importance digitisation has on sustainability,” said Sylvain Perreault, director of Cowansville’s infrastructure services. “The implementation of smart street lighting improves public safety and offers added benefits to our citizens, while creating a variety of options for city maintenance.”
By incorporating Trilliant’s IoT platform including the SecureMesh NAN, Cowansville can manage future demand for smart city services. Applications such as smart parking, traffic management and environmental monitoring can be integrated into the existing network.