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Solace, MobiledgeX Edge Analytics for driver safety

  • April 16, 2020
  • imc

Solace and MobiledgeX are partnering to support car makers provide hyper-personalised mobility services to drivers. Edge based analytics could improve vehicle safety with near-real-time predictive driver safety systems. A number of car makers already use the Solace PubSub+ event streaming platform within their enterprise operations, including Groupe Renault and Groupe PSA.

Ottawa based Solace is a specialist in enterprise, IoT and mobile event-driven data streaming. Californian company MobiledgeX is a specialist in edge computing.

By integrating PubSub+’s real-time routing capabilities into MobiledgeX’s edge-cloud connectivity layer, the two companies plan to enable new vehicle-related mobility services.

One example of a safety-critical system that could be deployed using Solace and MobiledgeX is a ‘vulnerable road user warning’ system. The precise location, speed and direction of vehicles approaching an intersection are monitored in real-time – along with pedestrians and cyclists. An analytics engine running on the edge could use these event streams to identify and predict an apparent collision course and send warnings to the drivers, or even commands to the car to stop.

“Non-line-of-sight safety scenarios require real-time collaboration between all traffic participants, including road-side equipment,” says Ricardo Gomez-Ulmke, Solace’s vice president of IoT. “The ability to offer services with millisecond response times, guaranteed by service level agreements, means service providers can guarantee the safety of road users, across borders, 24×7. This gives them the power to re-invent the future of mobility.”

“Leading automakers are striving to transform their business from selling vehicles to providing hyper-personalised mobility services, and such services hinge on cellular-to-vehicle-to-everything connectivity that is reliable, robust, and responsive with minimal latency,” said Eric Braun, chief commercial officer at MobiledgeX. “Our platform intelligently places and executes workloads so vehicles can be continuously connected via 5G to edge-based services for maximum safety and digitally transformed passenger experiences. Solace’s PubSub+ ensures the immediate and intelligent routing of safety-critical data, alerts and highly customised content.”

“PubSub+ has proven ability to meet the demand of high-volume connected vehicle initiatives that link tens of millions of vehicles with cloud and on-premises systems. We’re excited to partner with MobiledgeX to accelerate the potential of 5G connectivity for enterprises with their innovative Edge-Cloud platform,” said Paul Fitzpatrick, Solace’s chief business development officer. “We believe our partnership with MobiledgeX can accelerate the value achieved from a new age of mobility services for our customers.”