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RayVision AI computer vision detects face-mask violations

  • June 23, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Indian company RayVision has created an AI-based computer vision system to detect face masks, crowding, social distancing, PPE violation, mobile usage, and fire and smoke detection.
The company has ventured into Covid-19 monitoring such as detecting face-mask violations, crowding violations, social distancing violations, PPE violations, hand sanitiser usage and more. The company develops AI that work with existing IP cameras by capturing frames for real-time alerts in the event of violations.
With the on-going pandemic and Unlock India 1.0, companies are keen to bring safety measures and standards. RayVision aims to address this through its computer vision products. The surveillance helps in eliminating human error and releases the surveillance workforce to more intelligent tasks.
“I always had the vision to make AI popular across industries and with this RayReach Technologies was conceptualised,” said Karthick Sethunarayanan, official spokesperson of parent company RayReach Technologies. “I believe that artificial intelligence and smart vision analytics will help the business across industries to create a safe environment and be compliant to regulatory bodies in Covid times. Especially, with the Unlock India 1.0, we need to be responsible and contribute in making India a safe and secure place.”
The AI system reads data directly from CCTV camera feeds and runs computer vision and neural network analysis to check for protective gears, face masks, hand sanitiser use, crowding and restricted zone intrusions through inflow videos. It lets authorities view the violations on dashboards and mobile apps as reports and alerts in real time.
It can be integrated with IoT devices and messages can be broadcasted through speakers in construction and manufacturing floors. It will also send out mobile and email notifications to the person of authority to ensure timely events are notified, so any violation detected can be attended to on time, helping prevent further accidents. It can be used across industries and businesses such as manufacturing, IT and pharma, and can handle multiple use cases in various scenarios.
“Artificial intelligence through its various use cases has been helping humans in making sure that the pandemic is overcome in an efficient way,” said Sethunarayanan. ‘Companies are using machine learning and NLP techniques, for instance, to create models to predict the movement of people through data used by global airline ticketing, use AI in social media to mine through numerous data points to track down the movement of individuals, and more. However, we at RayVision are helping to convert CCTV cameras into smart cameras to detect any PPE violations, which is the most crucial part of fighting against Covid-19. Currently, we have installed the AI solution at a few pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies.”
RayVision was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Chennai, India.