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NexAIoT, QualityLine manufacturing AI data integration

  • August 27, 2020
  • William Payne

Industrial automation specialist NexAIoT is partnering manufacturing analytics specialist QualityLine. The latter’s AI data integration and analytics technology will be incorporated into NexAIoT’s EWR (Enterprise Wall Room) and gateways to customers.

NexAIoT provides multi-party services of consulting and system integration for the clients in manufacturing industry ranging from Taiwan to Greater China Area. The business area of NexAIoT includes machine and factory automation, extending to equipment and facility networking, and includes smart manufacturing, transformation, and upgrading.

NexAIoT’s iAT2000 cloud-based intelligent monitoring system is designed to bridge the gap between OT and IT. It streamlines the organisation’s in-field industrial communication, equipment, and data integration. This open-structure of industry 4.0 solution is showcased in an Enterprise War Room to improve how the management team will make company’s most profitable decision.

“NexAIoT’s Enterprise War Room is an Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing decisions system. The large amounts of data from the on-site machine and facility in the factory can be seamlessly integrated by QualityLine’s AI and advanced analytics technology, enabling us to help individual corporations to carry out digital transformation reforms per the appropriate operations methods to face future market changes. Through the collaboration with QualityLine, we look forward to making a difference and set the new standard in manufacturing operation.” said CC Lin, NexAIoT Industry 4.0 Centre Vice President.

QualityLine’s manufacturing analytics technology is designed to enable a faster and automated anomaly detection of quality and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

By automatically mapping all types of manufacturing structures of data, the software can integrate and identify the relevant information that should be analysed and visualised in a monitoring dashboard. Any anomaly detection of quality and efficiency sends automatic alerts to the analytics, improving operations.

QualityLine’s AI solution is designed to increase the efficiency of the full manufacturing process. It combines data sources from product design, engineering and testing, repair of faulty products to vendors and customers’ feedback. The data analytics are filled with real-time data collection and integration. The online dashboard will be used by NexAIoT as part of its monitoring solutions.

‘’NexAIoT is a great company and we are honoured to collaborate with them. Both our organisations feel a deep sense to serve industries looking for a full transparency monitoring solution’’. Said Eyal Kaufman, CEO of QualityLine. ‘’We are being called in our vertical upon this critical time to improve remote monitoring solutions to meet the demand and our team are rising to the challenger’’