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Mixed Reality for Oil, Gas, Remote Industrial

  • April 8, 2020
  • William Payne

Augmented and mixed reality specialist ThirdEye has partnered with asset management specialist TROIA to provide mixed reality technology to technicians, field workers and remote experts in remote industrial, critical infrastructure and oil and gas sectors. The technology includes ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses, as well as supporting platform, which will display real-time measurement data visualisation, asset information tables and digital meters in field workers’ immediate field of view.

By combining ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses and TROIA’s AR platform, TROIA AR, enterprise organisations within energy, utilities, oil and gas sectors will have access to a suite of applications that prioritise safety and more efficient workflows. 

The two companies say that technicians working in the field can expect to see dramatic improvements to the way work orders, job plans and other real-time mission-critical information are delivered, along with improvements in productivity, effectiveness, accuracy and safety. 

TROIA AR combines technologies and use of AI elements to understand data from integrated IT systems and helps increase work productivity and safety, including EAM, GIS manager, SCADA, IoT, MDM, ERP and other related background systems.

Through TROIA’s TAGMANAGER application, customers can display real-time measurement data visualisation, such as SCADA and IoT sensors, on ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses. Technicians will be able to place asset information tables and digital meters into scene environments on-demand, in real-time and within their field of view. This will improve the safety and efficiency of workers.

“The safety of technicians that wear our X2 MR Glasses is always our number one priority. We are excited about the advanced capabilities that TROIA AR will bring our customers within energy, utilities, oil and gas industries. This partnership will ensure personnel are safe, while also being as efficient as possible,” said Nick Cherukuri, CEO and Founder of ThirdEye. “We’re excited to be able to fortify our current offerings with TROIA’s AR solutions.”

TROIA’s GISMANAGER platform can transform spatial (flat) GIS data into AR data solution, enabling users to visualise assets and topology data in the X2 MR Glasses’ field of view. Underground utility infrastructure, such as cables, smart meters, switchyards, shafts, water pipes and sewage systems, appear in a user’s field of view and will be digitally present on the AR supported devices with an extended option of adding real time data from SCADA/IoT.

“By combining our knowledge and experience, we’ll be able to change the way companies see and experience augmented reality. Great things in business are never done by one person,” said Matjaž Breznik, AR Sales and Development at TROIA.