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Lotus, Centrica aim for new model of EV ownership

  • May 13, 2020
  • William Payne

Energy company Centrica and British motor manufacturer Lotus are working together to develop a new model for electric vehicle ownership that will integrate future mobility and energy.

The partnership will cover: a dedicated Lotus EV Energy strategy; a charging infrastructure serving Lotus’ global network and customers; a de-carbonisation strategy for Lotus operations globally; and a new energy product and platform integrating connected vehicles, homes and customers to support the growth in digital mobility lifestyle.

Production of a new all-electric car, the Lotus Evija hypercar, will start at the company’s Norfolk, England, plant later in 2020.

The two companies’ aims include making the car an extension of the home, capable of storing electricity, minimising emissions and generating new income by providing services to the energy market. They envisage future cars as controlled by smart devices both at home and on the move.

The energy company will also facilitate a sustainability programme that employs low carbon technologies and helps mitigate the environmental impact of everything from manufacturing through to sales. 

The new partnership aims to help establish a new global charging and energy infrastructure for new products as part of Lotus’ journey to net zero carbon following significant investment into the business since 2018.

“Owning an electric vehicle isn’t the same as owning an internal combustion engine car. We see a future where the customer, car and home are connected, enabling new services beyond charging the car, and new products and experiences replacing the unremarkable standard relationship with energy and the ownership of a car today,” said Carl Bayliss, Vice President of Centrica Innovations.