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Digital Matter receives N-Tick for Australian LoRaWan

  • September 14, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Digital Matter’s battery-powered GPS tracking devices have been N-Tick certified for use on the National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo) LoRaWan in Australia.

They have been integrated with the N2N-DL data platform, enabling LoRaWan asset tracking applications.

NNNCo is a licensed telecommunications carrier and LoRaWan operator. Digital Matter specialises in GPS and IoT hardware development.

Digital Matter’s LoRaWan battery-powered GPS tracking devices are optimised for low-power operations, low latency and global adaptability, suitable for a wide range of asset tracking and management applications.

In addition to N-Tick certification, the battery-powered Oyster GPS is also LoRaWan certified, ensuring businesses can deploy devices knowing they are tested and validated for operation by the LoRa Alliance and NNNCo.

“Digital Matter’s asset tracking devices are certified and ready to deploy at scale for asset tracking and logistics applications on our enterprise-grade LoRaWans,” said Rob Zagarella, CEO of NNNCo. “This is significant for businesses who require affordable and scalable asset tracking, particularly in remote regions across Australia where reliable and affordable connectivity is a substantial problem.”

Digital Matter’s tracking devices provide location and movement history data so businesses can protect and recover their most important assets, such as pallets, containers, equipment, vehicles, trailers and bins.

“LoRaWan enables endless applications for asset tracking,” said Ken Everett, CEO of Digital Matter. “Thanks to LoRaWan’s low energy operation, we are able to extend the battery life of our asset tracking devices even further, with devices lasting up to five years on a single set of batteries.”

Documentation and a flexible and open payload format make integrating and deploying the devices for any asset-tracking application easier, accelerating time to market and decreasing costs. Tracking parameters such as heartbeat rate, accelerometer settings and after-hours alerts are configurable over the air, allowing businesses to customise devices and reporting to suit their applications.

“We’re very excited to partner with Digital Matter to provide the network connectivity and data layer aggregation services for large-scale deployment of their asset tracking devices,” said Zagarella. “As the leading enterprise LoRaWan operator in Australia, our aim is to enable the ecosystem and ensure best-of-breed hardware is available and ready to deploy across the many industries that will benefit from IoT.”

NNNCo provides the network layer and technology-agnostic data platform that makes IoT accessible across any industry to enable enterprise-grade applications for business and government. Its enterprise IoT service is deployed using LoRaWan technology.