Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

RFP Programme

IoT Buyers and Sellers Benefit from
IMC’s Open-Source RFP Programme for IoT Software!

There has been an explosion of IoT software platforms - more than 400 are already on the market, by some counts - and this has created confusion in the marketplace for enterprise users and OEMs. Buyers are looking for hands-on tools to help in procurement. A recent IMC survey of over 100 IoT buyers shows that...

  • 100% of IoT buyers would find template RFP documents useful in their procurement process.
  • 83% of buyers would find 3rd-party reports of vendor compliance (to those RFPs) useful.

In answer to this market need, the IMC has developed a template RFP for IoT software platforms.

For more information:

Active RFP for IoT Software
[click here to access a gratis copy of Version 1.0 the template RFP document (for qualified buyers only), or to purchase a copy]

Open-Source Process for Creating RFPs
Senior IoT buyers (many from Fortune 500s) that serve on the IMC Connected Leadership Committee have worked with third-party consultants and IMC Sustaining Members to build the IoT Software Platform RFPs in an open collaboration process. The open collaboration process has yielded robust tools that are of great use inform IoT Adopters of key program requirements, reduce development time, and facilitate vendor specification and sourcing.

What will Open-Source IoT RFPs Contain?

  • Basic categories of software (and applicable, vertical-market applications).
  • A checklist of fundamental elements that should be present in these platforms.
  • Basic operational/functional requirements that the platforms should meet.
  • A list of potential (participating) vendors designated as in conformance.

Distribution for Open-Source IoT RFPs

The IMC will put its entire weight behind the promotion of these RFPs to its rank-and-file membership of over 25,000 qualified IoT buyers, including advertising, direct blast email, webinars, live events, and more. [Important note: software is the single "most-sourced" category purchased by IMC Adopter Members.] But in order to influence the IoT industry, distribution will be much broader, with significant direct email and publicity campaigns to assure greatest possible reach. Solutions Providers that participate will be encouraged to promote the compliance programme with IoT Adopters.

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