Influencer Membership

For individuals in the IoT ecosystem that want to get more out of their interactions with the IoT M2M Council, the IMC is introducing a new level of membership – Influencer Membership. Individuals in the IoT sector can achieve regular interaction with the IMC Board of Governors, gain insight into technology sourcing, speak at the largest events in the industry, and participate in IoT public policy. In return, they must pay a nominal annual fee (USD $295), provide some additional demographic information (a 10-min survey), and agree to meet with the IMC board three times (3X) annually, in-person or on-line.

The specific benefits include…

Influencer Members are welcomed to join the IMC’s Speakers’ Bureau and will be considered for speaking opportunities at the IMC’s own events and third-party events covering IoT subjects worldwide. The IMC has provided speaking opportunities at some of the best-known events in the IoT sector, including CES, Hannover Messe, London Tech Week, Mobile World Congress, IoT World, and more. Increased emphasis moving forward will focus on vertical-market events covering manufacturing, healthcare, supply chain, energy, and other key markets.

The IMC has spent years developing a set of template RFP documents for connectivity services and software platforms that allow users to know that they’re asking the right questions. Additionally, the IMC has developed technology guidelines for 80 IoT use-cases – suggested technology solutions for each use-case presented in tabular form – that allow direct connection to vendors that provide those solutions. Influencer Members can use this platform to course their own deployments of to better respond to user needs.

As an Influencer Member, you will be allowed (and in some cases required) to have interaction with the IMC’s Board of Governors, the most influential solutions providers serving the IoT sector. Networking opportunities occur monthly or more – participate in committees, attend board functions, and serve in focus groups and panel discussions. Choices will be provided about participating in-person or virtually. There’s no better way to keep abreast of what’s happening in the IoT sector!

Speak at IMC events online and at live venues, post use-cases and white papers to our extensive online library, submit regular blog entries to the website, post to our best-in-class social media channels, and participate in our ground-breaking public policy forums. The IMC presents the opportunity for you to help set the agenda for the IoT sector – Influencer Members!

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