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Lockheed adds mobile apps to most secure networks

William Payne
September 19 2017

Aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin is extending its most secure military and industrial network communications to include smartphone and tablet devices. The company is using technology developed by California based cybersecurity start-up Blue Cedar.

Lockheed Martin is a leading innovator in advanced manufacturing, including the use of immersive technologies and augmented reality employing mobile headsets, both in manufacturing production and in the field maintenance environments. The company is at the centre of a global network of advanced industrial partners working on projects such as the F35 next generation fighter. The company also provides military, battlespace and homeland security grade secure network systems.

The first network platform to receive Blue Cedar mobile device security upgrades is Lockheed Martin's Universal Communications Platform (UCP). The collaboration with Blue Cedar will allow users of Android and iOS devices to access and work within UCP high security networks for the first time. Lockheed Martin's UCP technology is deployed in high security environments such as deployed, in theatre military, battlespace communications and emergency responders, as well as remote commercial operations in environments requiring high security communications such as oil and gas, energy and remote industrial infrastructure installations.

Lockheed Martin is also to distribute the Blue Cedar platform to its customers and prospects via solutions that the company says will be designed to meet a wide range of mobile security needs.

The collaboration between Blue Cedar and Lockheed Martin will allow users with commercial smartphones and tablets to download and launch the UCP Communicator app, which is inserted with Blue Cedar's layer of encryption and other security controls which are already included in the app.

Blue Cedar says that with its technology, there is no need to write any security code. The company says this accelerates time to market as well as increasing ease of use and protecting users' privacy.

“Blue Cedar supports our goal in providing our customers with an expanded communications capability to enhance interoperability and mission needs,” said Jim Quinn, Lockheed Martin business development manager. “The app will provide critical security and encryption capabilities to UCP Communicator customers, giving them the latest mobile security and encryption technology available.”

“We believe that mobile communications security starts by securing the app, and this unique approach meets the stringent requirements of the most security-conscious organisations, such as Lockheed Martin," said Blue Cedar chief executive John Aisien.