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IoT Security in Depth: From the Device to the Cloud

By forging new links between the cyberworld and the physical world, IoT creates a paradigm shift that dramatically increases the scope of security. As organizations rush to adopt IoT, novel security challenges abound, amplified by an enormous diversity of hardware, software, services, and deployment locations. In fact, while 91 percent of IoT decision-makers report plans to increase the number of their connected devices by more than 15 percent within two years, they cite security as the greatest concern for deploying IoT technologies.

Threats to devices, applications, services, connections, and data must be addressed holistically across the IoT infrastructure to create a consistent security posture across IoT devices, the edge, the cloud, and the connections between all those elements.

Elsys selects Quectel BG95 for new range of IoT-enabled devices

Elsys, a Brazilian company with 31 years of experience in the electronics and telecom market, has turned to Quectel to provide its BG95 module for integration into its new IoT modem.

eMobility demands precision, price, power and packaging

Quectel’s LC79D GNSS module enables the eMobility industry, especially micromobility companies, to harness the fusion of data from different sensors in a very small footprint at very low incremental cost yet with unparalleled accuracy. The LC79D is in production and samples and development kits are available now, uniquely offering both L1 and L5 capability which can bridge the gap between basic GPSmodules and very expensive high-end GNSS systems that are both cost-prohibitive and too power-hungry for use in eMobility.