Vsblty smartens Mexican pet store chain

  • August 24, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Philadelphia-based security and retail marketing technology firm Vsblty through its Mexico partner Retailigent Media is providing audience analytics and customer engagement technology for a Mexican chain of pet stores.
“This represents an interesting and exciting move into a new brand category for Vsblty and Retailigent,” said Jay Hutton (pictured), Vsblty CEO. “We are anxious to see if the sales lift experienced with other brands will be duplicated in the pet food category.”
Retailigent Media, with offices in Mexico and five other Latin American countries, specialises in smart retail, analytics and smart displays. It provides advertising and marketing insights to brands such as P&G, Coca Cola, Diageo and Telefonica.
The company provides brands and retailers with personalised shopping experiences for their customers.
“The pet store deployment will utilise digital shelf strips, small interactive surfaces, real-time audience analytics and touchless interface for customer engagement,” said Rodrigo Velasco, Retailigent Media CEO. “The initial installations will be in ten locations but is expected to roll to 85 locations in the short term.”
Vsblty technology provides customer engagement and audience measurement using machine learning and computer vision. Its VisionCaptor and DataCaptor software combine motion graphics and interactive brand messaging with computer vision measurement and insights. The firm’s Vector AI-driven software provides facial recognition for enhancing security requirements when recognising weapons or suspicious persons in a crowd.
Headquartered in Philadelphia, Vsblty has a proactive digital display that transforms retail and public spaces as well as place-based media networks with SaaS-based audience measurement and security software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Retailigent Media has been a pioneer in Latin America in making smart deployments at retail with digital out-of-home traffic measurements and predictive advertising triggered by gender and age.
• Vsblty and its South African partner Onyx-Cognivas are deploying multiple digital media products in a chain of fuel and convenience stores in South Africa.
“This marks an important milestone in how the retailer of the future is adopting, not only digital activation for enhanced customer engagement, but also the utilisation of computer vision to provide validation and verification for media partners,” said Onyx-Cognivas co-founder Andrew Coudounaris.