USI launches Android mobile PoS

  • December 21, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Chinese firm Universal Scientific Industrial (USI) has joined hands with California-based Maxim Integrated to launch iOrder, an Android mobile PoS machine with built-in payment functions.

The ubiquity of self-service payments in the retail, petrol station and smart vending sectors, as well as developments in EMV payment, are driving rapid growth in the Android mobile PoS market.

Powered by a Qualcomm device, iOrder supports wireless hotspots, Bluetooth and wireless wide area networks, and EMV payment. The PoS machine is built to PCI PTS PIN transaction security standards that ensure fast, convenient and secure payment transactions.

IOrder runs on the Android 9.0 operating system and supports Android and cloud versions of PoS terminal software and wireless applications. It can record and track customer orders, execute credit card and debit card payment transactions, and is compatible with other payment systems.

A built-in integrated payment system supports transactions using magnetic stripe cards, EMV contact and contactless chip cards, as well as QR code scanning with a camera app.

In terms of appearance, iOrder has a 14.5cm touch screen to adapt to larger and clearer interface icons for users. It has a modern lightweight design with a 13mm machine body, making it compact enough to be held with one hand.

The device can be deployed for business applications such as tableside services for taking orders, requesting for service and payment in restaurants, ordering and making payment at self-service kiosks in fast-food outlets and department stores. Service personnel can complete transactions quickly and exercise flexibility according to the customer’s location and preferred payment method, thereby providing better service and improving customer satisfaction.

“USI has extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of Android handheld devices, as well as considerable expertise in EMV payment and security design,” said Hawk Sun, associate director at USI. “The launch of the iOrder Android mobile PoS machine featuring a secure EMV payment platform further demonstrates USI’s capability to meet the market’s demand for product and service innovation.”

USI has 27 sales, production and service locations across America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and offers products in the sectors of wireless communication, computer and storage, consumer, industrial, medical and automotive electronics worldwide. USI is a subsidiary of ASE Technology Holding, which is a provider of semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test.