Toys R Us opts for Danavation smart labels

  • June 22, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

The Toys R Us store in Thornhill, Ontario, has installed smart labels from Canadian IoT firm Danavation Technologies.

Danavation provides micro e-paper displays, and has announced an initial installation for its digital smart labels platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technology at the iconic toy store. The company now has nine full store installations and 13 pilot locations across North America.

Since opening the doors of its first Canadian store in 1984, Toys R Us has served as a retailer of toys and baby products at physical locations across Canada as well as ecommerce sites. A subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings, Toys R Us has more than 80 stores nationwide offering national brands, exclusive products, loyalty programmes and partnerships.

“Working with Toys R Us to launch Danavation’s digital smart labels at this popular Ontario store is a fantastic win-win for both companies,” said John Ricci, CEO of Danavation. “As a Canadian-based and managed company, Toys R Us is well aligned with our Canadian-based team. The Thornhill Toys R Us location can benefit from digitised pricing at the shelf, efficient and accurate updating in a contactless process, and enable employees to focus on customer engagement within a Canadian market segment that generated $2.4bn in sales during 2020.”

Installation at Thornhill has already begun. This location will be the first Toys R Us store to showcase micro e-paper displays and to demonstrate the opportunity to expand adoption of digital smart labels across their entire portfolio of more than 80 Canadian locations.

Danavation’s digital smart labels are powered by IoT automation technology and software PaaS to enable companies across various sectors to automate labelling, price, product and promotions in real time, enhancing data accuracy and improving performance by removing high labour costs and low productivity associated with traditional labour-intensive workflows.