Touchless vending machine is Covid-safe

  • August 3, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based Digital Media Vending has developed touchless vending machines to complement a Covid-safe retail environment.

Automated retail technology such as vending machines operate round the clock and can be placed in various locations. The intelligent vending machines produced by Digital Media Vending can carry a myriad of products from consumables, such as cupcakes and hemp-related products, to wearables, such as clothing and PPE, to electronics, such as phones and mobile phone accessories.

These touchless vending machines let consumers view and purchase items on sale using their smart phones. Payment is then completed using a touchless payment terminal on the vending machine itself.

The delivery area of the vending machine is the only place where the customer needs to interact physically with the machine. Hence, there has been considerable thought and consideration put into the design of this component. All free-standing vending machines from Digital Media Vending have a smart delivery area that automatically opens when products have been vended.

After the customer has removed their purchase, the delivery area is sealed again and ultraviolet-C (UVC) sterilisation lights are activated to ensure the area is completely sanitised before the next transaction. Research has shown that high levels of UVC radiation are effective for decontamination and the killing of the Covid-19 virus.

These intelligent vending machines are all connected to an online management platform where business owners can view real-time sales data and statistics. Business owners can remotely update product prices, information, images and even video clips on their vending machines without having to leave their desks.

The vending machines can be customised for almost any aesthetic and any product packaging shape and size. There are multiple options for dispensing mechanisms and the company can design special mechanisms to suit any product.

In the new normal of retail, touchless vending machines can deliver products to customers in a safe and accessible fashion, helping businesses stay on top without bearing the risks and costs of in-person service.

Digital Media Vending is a custom vending machine manufacturer headquartered in Santa Rosa, California.