Tennessee Titans plan five checkout-free stores

  • August 1, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

The Tennessee Titans American football team plans to open five checkout-free stores at its Nissan Stadium using technology from California-based Zippin.

The five stores will launch in time for the pre-season this summer. The stores will be operated by restaurant and hospitality companies Levy and Legends to offer frictionless shopping experiences on both the concourse and club levels.

“At Nissan Stadium we’re always looking for ways to offer our fans the greatest level of convenience and ease of purchase,” said Adam Nuse, Titans senior vice president. “Working with Zippin will offer our fans a quick and easy way to grab the food and drink items they need, and get back to enjoying Nashville’s biggest stage: Nissan Stadium.”

Zippin adopts a high accuracy approach to frictionless shopping. The company eliminates checkout lines, cutting the time it takes to get through concessions from an average of 20 minutes to as little as 20 seconds. The RoI and increased sales is changing the economics for venue operators who can now redirect staff to more profitable tasks, improve inventory management, and optimise revenue per square metre.

“Fans are demanding quick and easy access to top quality food and drink that enhances their experience at the stadium,” said Gary Jacobus, Zippin’s SVP of business development. “Forward-looking venues like Nissan Stadium are fast adopting innovative technology, like Zippin’s, and they recognise that the maximum RoI of checkout-free is fully realised with multiple stores located throughout the venue.”

Nissan Stadium’s checkout-free shopping will be available for entertainment and other sporting events the multi-use venue welcomes every year. From WWE wrestling to concerts, the stadium contributes a big cultural and financial impact on Nashville.

Zippin has developed checkout-free technology, enabling retailers to deploy frictionless shopping in their stores. The patent-pending approach uses AI, machine learning and sensor fusion technology to improve the consumer experience, banishing checkout queues and self-scanners, and letting shoppers zip in and out with their purchases. The technology is being used by retailers on four continents to power checkout-free experiences in their street-front retail stores, as well as stores, kiosks and concession stands in a wide variety of venues such as stadiums, offices, airports, train stations, hotels, convention centres and residential buildings.