TankU and Nvidia partner on AI for fuel stations

  • July 5, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Israeli firm TankU is using existing security cameras and the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide insights for fuel stations on refuelling, EV charging, car washing, collection of deliveries and more.

To deliver this, AI company TankU has joined the Nvidia Metropolis partner programme with an application framework and set of developer tools that bring to market vision AI applications to make spaces and operations safer and more efficient.

TankU provides a platform for harnessing the power of computer vision and AI. Using Nvidia TensorRT and DeepStream SDK combined with the Jetson edge AI platform powering its smart video processors, TankU’s technology delivers insights for service providers by automating and customising services such as refuelling, EV charging, car washing and collection of deliveries.

Nvidia Metropolis makes it easier and more cost-effective for enterprises, governments and integration partners to leverage AI technology to improve critical operational efficiency and safety problems. The Metropolis ecosystem contains a large and growing breadth of partners who are investing in AI techniques, efficient deployment platforms and an enterprise-class approach.

Partners have the opportunity to gain early access to Nvidia platform updates to enhance and accelerate their AI application development efforts. Further, the programme offers the opportunity for partners to collaborate with industry experts and other AI-driven organisations.

“In our ongoing endeavour to transform the customer interaction with vehicle services, we are always seeking new and innovative experiences,” said Dan Valdhorn, CEO of TankU. “TankU is proud of its technological collaboration with Nvidia – the global leader in AI technology platforms – and looking forward to expanding our work by joining the Nvidia Metropolis programme.”

TankU uses the existing security cameras, various data sources and the power of AI to provide a personalised user experience.

Vehicle service providers used to have a personal relationship with their clients, a relationship that has been lost. Unlike the attendant, the fuel dispenser does not know if the driver feels well or angry, if they are on their way to work or to the supermarket. TankU’s artificial intelligence makes these interactions more personal and are commercially deployed with several users worldwide.