Standard AI updates autonomous retail platform

  • October 11, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based Standard AI has updated its autonomous retail platform to bring ecommerce-level insights to brick-and-mortar stores.

The platform automates checkout and offers insights into shopper behaviour and retail operations all from one place.

The additions to its core autonomous checkout platform offer retailers and convenience stores the ability to understand and transform shopper behaviour and in-store operations from a new lens. Sold collectively as Vision OS^, the platform has been enhanced by the addition of two tools – Mission Control and Insights – that transform the in-store experience.

With ecommerce-level insights and capabilities now available, Vision OS^ gives retailers the ability to understand store operations and how customers shop. These tools can help increase productivity and drive revenue opportunities at a time when retailers are inhibited by labour and inflation difficulties.

Vision OS^ provides insights into retail operations and helps answer fundamental questions, such as:

  • Where do people typically go in a store, and how do they interact with the products?
  • Where do people dwell? What items do they choose between?
  • Which items are out of stock, and when do they go out of stock?
  • What items are on the shelves, and where are they located in the store?

Over the past five years, Standard Checkout has become a major player in computer vision for retail. The company has proven it can retrofit existing stores with a checkout-free experience using only cameras and the cloud. With a slew of stores open now and dozens more on the way, early returns show that shoppers and in-store teams alike enjoy the experience. In general, retailers can see a boost in additional shoppers to their stores that buy more.

Vision OS^ is an evolution of the Standard AI platform, demonstrating the power and simplicity of computer vision-powered cameras and the cloud. Having been used for the most difficult application of computer vision in retail – autonomous checkout – the platform now enhances store operations and delivers strategic insights.

“Retailers are looking up and seeing the potential of their ceilings, the most underutilised real estate in today’s stores,” said Jordan Fisher, CEO of Standard AI. “When you empower brick-and-mortar retailers with ecommerce insights and analytics, you can understand shopper behaviour and in-store operations in a brand new way. And with great insights come new opportunities to improve the shopper experience, support in-store teams and drive new revenue opportunities.”

Vision OS^ is composed of three components:

  • Standard Checkout: A wide variety of retailers use Standard Checkout to manage labour and inflation problems, attract new shoppers and transform the shopper experience.
  • Mission Control: The app-based dashboard helps in-store teams manage the operations and the shopper experience. Specifically, it helps them understand things such as which shelves need restocking, when their store is out of planogram compliance, and when a shopper picks up an item that might require an ID to purchase.
  • Insights: Unlock a frontier of intelligence about store operations. It was developed to provide views into shopper behaviour and operational performance, revealing insights and revenue opportunities.