SES-imagotag brings hybrid to grocery stores

  • September 27, 2022
  • William Payne

Hybrid retail tech specialist SES-imagotag is integrating its in-store technologies such as digital price tags and its VUSION Retail IoT cloud platform with Instacart’s technologies. Instacart is a market leader in the North American grocery tech market, and the collaboration between the two companies will bring SES-imagotag’s technologies and platform into the retail grocery sector.

SES-imagotag’s VUSION IOT retail cloud platform and digital price tags makes it faster and easier for customers and staff to pick items with precise product geolocation, maps that provide optimised pick-up paths and 180-degree blinking LED lights.

The collaboration will provide in-store retail technology that will expand the capabilities of physical stores to tech-enabled logistics networks amid rising demand for hybrid shopping.

“We’re at a pivotal moment in retail as hybrid shopping – or shopping in-store augmented with an online component – becomes the norm,” said Philippe Bottine, North American CEO of SES-imagotag. “At SES-imagotag, we believe physical stores are the ideal local logistics network for quick deliveries and order pick-ups. The VUSION IOT platform enables stores to become a logistics hub, combining the ease and speed of the internet with the proximity and convenience of physical local stores to enhance in-store retail operations. We look forward to partnering with Instacart to support shoppers, customers and retailers operationally as demand for hybrid retail skyrockets.”