Sensormatic launches intelligent platform for retail

  • January 26, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Johnson Controls’ Swiss retail arm Sensormatic has launched Sensormatic IQ, an intelligent operating platform for retail.

The open, secure and agile platform integrates the full Sensormatic portfolio, retailer and third-party data sources, along with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to offer visibility into operations and shopper insights. This combination can drive prescriptive, data-driven outcomes for retailers, creating value and growth opportunities.

“In today’s hyper-connected world, the customer experience is about how, where, when and why engagement happens,” said Bjoern Petersen, president of Sensormatic. “That’s why our commitment to enabling customers to harness diverse insights to drive positive outcomes and informed business decisions is more important than ever. The launch of Sensormatic IQ reflects our forward-looking business strategy. Through collaborating with our technology partners and leveraging the global reach and scalability of the Google Cloud coupled with smart sensors and advanced analytics, our platform is designed to evolve with the industry and our customer’s needs.”

Sensormatic IQ helps retailers improve both their top and bottom line and brand value by powering the digital transformation within the evolving retail market, and accelerating integration between new and existing data sets. It enables agile innovation via a secure, scalable, and managed enterprise-grade platform, and amplifies value by deriving insights and outcomes from complex data streams.

“This open platform represents years of investment and innovation moving to outcome-based operations in order to meet the shifting needs of retailers,” said Petersen. “The addition of the Sensormatic IQ platform is just one more way Sensormatic is providing the foundation for a digital journey that allows retailers to run at an enterprise scale.”

Sensormatic IQ’s flexible, open platform can incorporate insights from edge devices, such as PoS, sensors, EAS, RFID and computer vision, capable of delivering AI predictive and prescriptive models to support operations in retail environments from grocery and apparel to home improvement and malls.

Sensormatic IQ combines the full Sensormatic portfolio, including insights into retail inventory, shopper behaviour, and loss and liability. This enables retailers to act on prescriptive, data-driven outcomes.