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  • April 28, 2020
  • imc

Taiwanese embedded computer maker Axiomtek and French software company Intuiface are combining their skills so digital signs in shops can harness technologies such as touch, RFID, NFC, beacons, web APIs and the IoT.

Built from the ground-up with interactivity at its core, the Intuiface platform enables any organisation to connect people to places. It has a no-coding platform for creating, deploying and analysing interactive digital experiences for physical spaces to simplify the delivery of modern, effective digital signage.

By combining Intuiface software with Axiomtek’s signage products, digital interactivity becomes accessible to the masses not only for use in intelligent retail but also for innovation in a diverse array of fields.

“By turning the brick-and-mortar shopping area into an appealing customer journey, we see limitless potential for the application of kiosk and interactive touch panel in retail,” said Irene Huang, business development manager at Axiomtek. “We are happy to join forces with Intuiface for having the interactive software platform onto our products. Intuiface shrinks the gap between interactive visual content creation and complex programming. This innovative software provides system integrators and brand designers a faster and simpler path to build more entrancing experiences from digital signage, information kiosk to sales pitches. We believe that with this hardware and software integration, we are delivering great options for the retail, corporate, banking, transportation and hospitality segments to deliver seamlessly compelling and valuable content to targeted audiences.”

Using a drag-and-drop tool, users can create any design, storyboard and layout using their own graphic media. Real-time integrations with cloud-hosted and back-office infrastructure can be created without writing code, ensuring content is updated in real time and personalised for the individual user.

Throughout, fine-grained data collection – paired with a built-in chart creation capability – ensures teams can visualise key performance metrics in any number of contexts, resulting in actionable business insight.

Deployment to Axiomtek’s DSP500-523 and ITC210WM players can be initiated from the cloud in seconds, accessible to anyone of any skill set. The results are said to be modern, engaging, fully interactive experiences at a fraction of the cost of bespoke development.

“Total cost of ownership for compelling interactive experiences hinges primarily on the design and development as well as on the hardware, starting from Axiomtek’s DSP500-523 and ITC210WM,” said Raphael Languebien, Intuiface’s business development manager for the Asia Pacific. “The DSP500-523 and ITC210WM signage players impressively combine low cost with high performance, enabling enterprises to invest in a variety of customer experiences – retail, marketing and promotions, education, and more – without compromising experience quality. We know our customers will appreciate the power and configurability of Axiomtek players, giving them confidence in deployment success.”