Retail site Flip driving growth with MagicOS

  • April 19, 2023
  • William Payne

Shopping social network Flip has launched MagicOS, a self-service e-commerce operating system. The Flip app links user video reviews to confirmed purchases, and MagicOS opens an end-to-end marketplace of consumers and brands across a number of categories spanning lifestyle, wellness & nutrition, electronics, fitness, and home goods. The new system has already boosted the online retail site’s growth by a factor of ten.

Flip aims to change consumers’ online shopping by eliminating scrolling and enable spontaneous discovery backed by genuine video reviews.

The Flip platform builds trust by requiring its 2 million users to buy a product before being able to post reviews. Brands are not allowed to incentivise creators for reviews on Flip. MagicOS has allowed Flip to hyper-charge its growth, accelerating from 10 brands onboarded per month before the self-serve system began beta testing in November to hundreds of new brands per month today and scaling to thousands of brands by the end of June, according to the company.

“The next generation of shopping experiences must be powered by people,” said Noor Agha, founder and CEO at Flip. “People trust people, not influencers or brands. For consumers to choose new products with confidence, they must be able to find genuine feedback on those products from real shoppers, who have actually used them. Flip is giving power in e-commerce back to the people, and MagicOS makes it easy for top brands to join our revolution and reach consumers seeking an authentic shopping experience.”

“Authentic video reviews are a crucial growth engine for our brand,” said Edward Madongorere, co-founder and CEO at MOON Ultra. “With Flip and MagicOS, we had a seamless onboarding experience, immediately resulting in instant feedback from the community of shoppers and creators buying and reviewing our products. Our products are made with the creator in mind, and Flip totally aligns with that. We’re thrilled by the organic engagement and our hyper sales growth.”