Qopper expands IoT network offering for retail

  • June 23, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson
Qopper’s IoT Network of sensors and edge devices deliver efficiencies to retail teams for maximizing profits

California-based IoT network start-up Qopper has expanded its retail store offering with occupancy monitors and temperature kiosks.
It has launched two products to help retail and commercial locations reopen safely in a post-Covid landscape. These products prioritise customer and employee safety when bringing consumers back into retail environments.
The occupancy monitor accurately tracks bi-directional movement at entrances and exits by the minute to keep accurate track of occupancy by zone. The temperature kiosk for touchless check-ins provides seamless integration into workforce management platforms and comes with facial recognition or QR code based identification.
Businesses in physical spaces have to settle for suboptimal decisions because of the lack of data and insights that digital native businesses take for granted. Qopper bridges this gap by capturing relevant signals from the physical space to improve monitoring, automation and overall operational efficiencies for customer and store operations, PoS systems, food safety and energy management.
Drawing from decades of experience in building and operating one of the largest global networks of secure payment devices, the team at Qopper now aims to replicate that success at a larger scale with sensors and smart devices. Qopper is expanding its footprint across various retail and commercial segments and has already processed over 300 million events from more than 5000 devices across thousands of locations.
“Brick and mortar businesses are at an inherent disadvantage originating from the lack of data that digital native businesses take for granted,” said COO Brad McGuinness, who joined Qopper in 2019. “Qopper bridges this gap by capturing actionable metrics to improve efficiency and maximise profits. The addition of occupancy and human thermography products to our portfolio will improve customer and employee safety to better serve our customers.”
After two decades at Verifone, where he served most recently as SVP of convenience petroleum systems, McGuinness brings experience developing and deploying retail store technology.
“We envision a future where technology seamlessly functions in physical spaces,” said Qopper founder and CEO Alok Bhanot. “In these unusually challenging times for brick-and-mortar businesses, Qopper is betting on its IoT network to deliver efficiencies to businesses while prioritising safety for their employees and customers.”