Petrosoft puts smart PoS on tablet

  • October 13, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Pennsylvania-based Petrosoft launched a tablet version of its smart PoS system at last week’s NACS Show in Chicago

The end-to-end retail technology provider says the tablet edition adds functionality to its retail automation platform that currently offers back-office, point-of-sale, foodservice, loss prevention and analytics technology.

According to a NACS study, one of the top five technologies by impact on business is integrated PoS. Petrosoft’s cloud platform and industry partnership are built for integration and easy data workflows to empower single, multi-unit and enterprises to collect, update, exchange and analyse their data.

The tablet edition of SmartPoS is one endpoint on the Petrosoft platform. It meets the convenience-store operator’s need for flexibility to meet customer demand during peak traffic periods, whether they occur daily or seasonally.

The cloud-connected PoS enables multi-unit operators to transfer quickly and easily the PoS unit between locations, making this a plug-and-play PoS offering with little time or capital investment.

“With more companies moving their operational workflows to the cloud, this tablet provides much more than line breaking technology,” said Sergey Gorlov, CEO of Petrosoft. “It represents one sales point connected to our cloud platform which is helping retailers reshape how their data are used to improve operations. We are excited by this and the possibilities that cloud-enabled c-stores will experience in the upcoming years.” Petrosoft’s leader is a chain retail operator and engineer who initially developed cloud-based back-office software in 2002. Today, the company designs, develops and markets end-to-end convenience-store technology, enabling a seamless connection between vendors, point-of-sale, foodservice, back-office, network, analytics and financial systems. The company has its headquarters in Pittsburgh and offers services and a menu of training options, including on-