People counter helps supermarkets obey Covid-19 rules

  • May 12, 2020
  • imc

Inter-Dimensional Technologies has added occupancy features to its RTC-P3 electronic people counter to help supermarkets and other businesses monitor in-house occupancy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Monitoring occupancy allows businesses to adhere to government mandates to promote social distancing practices.

“Historically, most customers wanted electronic people counters to track the cumulative total number of people that enter a retail store or other public establishment, such as courthouses, museums and libraries,” said the Pennsylvania company’s co-founder and president Scott Cywinski. “However, in light of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, many companies are now contacting us in regards to tracking occupancy with our systems.”

This system can also be useful to non-essential businesses.

“When non-essential businesses are allowed to reopen, they may be required to monitor their occupancy for a period of time, or otherwise simply want to promote social distancing, and give their customers peace of mind,” said Cywinski. “We expect public establishments from many industries to be contacting us for help in the near future.”

The system allows for an occupancy threshold to be set. Once the current in-house occupancy count exceeds this threshold, the system will emit a series of beeps. This immediately alerts employees to the fact that the maximum allowable occupancy has been exceeded.

Inter-Dimensional Technologies was incorporated in 1998 and is a technology company specialising in electronics design assembly and manufacturing, as well as software development. The company’s primary product line is electronic people counters.