Oveit brings live-stream shopping to USA

  • July 7, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Texas-based Oveit has launched live-stream shopping in the USA.

Due to the pandemic, retailers need to adapt the way they do business; they need to deliver more interactive, engaging and entertaining shopping experiences both online and offline. The Streams.Live service can help retailers of all sizes grow their business by combining interactive, live-video sessions with their current shopping experiences.

Evolving from the traditional teleshopping channels such as QVC and HSN, Streams.Live transforms the shopping process into a more memorable and interactive experience.

Buyers watch as a retailer or spokesperson gives a live, interactive, online presentation of their products. Shoppers may ask questions, exchange impressions with other users and, at the moment of choice, purchase with a click.

Shoppers are enjoying the convenience of being able to shop interactively from the comfort of their own home, office, phone or tablet, and retailers are benefitting from the business-building effectiveness. Streams.Live is said to be generating eight times more interaction through comments than other forms of content, and shoppers spend three times more time watching a live video versus a pre-recorded video.

“Online and offline are meant to coexist and complement each other,” said Andrei Stefan, CEO of Oveit. “We wanted to develop a solution through which retailers and brands that sell direct to consumers, adapt to the new economic context, in which traffic in retail stores and sales generated in this channel are declining. Streams.Live is a tool that integrates easily into the sales cycle, is configured through a few clicks in the seller’s web site and, if the retailer does not have its own web site, the whole experience can take place on a web page automatically generated by the system, which is completely customisable.”

The service can amplify the benefits of impulse buying; the buttons integrated in the video facilitate the purchase of the product at the right time and reduce the risk of the potential buyer being distracted from the purchase route and leaving the platform.

The platform incorporates artificial intelligence, including language analysis and mood analysis, and measures the level of interest in the retailer’s products. Using these data, retailers obtain insightful information about consumer behaviour, which allows them to calibrate future live-streaming sessions, make adjustments to inventory and increase conversion rates.

The experience can be integrated into the retailer’s web site using copy and paste while anyone can start a live-stream shopping session with a few clicks. It also supports API integrations for more complex partnerships.

“We are already implementing projects worldwide with market leaders in industries such as fashion and beauty, food and beverage, automotive, electronics, home and leisure, and we aim to have numerous other partnerships with large brands, as we now expand into the USA,” said Mike Dragan, COO of Oveit.

Oveit is an Austin, Texas, technology company that is improving access to marketing and experiential commerce. It has launched cashless payments and loyalty options for events and venues, as well as access control and registration for virtual and in-person events.