NEC tests digital technology at Indonesian convenience store

  • September 3, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Japanese technology giant NEC has started a proof of concept (PoC) using digital technology to improve store operations and sales at Asian convenience store chain Lawson’s Graha Tamiya store in Indonesia.

In this PoC, NEC’s systems and knowledge of store operations, such as visual analysis and sensing technology, will be used to visualise store operations, customer purchasing trends and the power consumption of store equipment. NEC will make proposals for improvement, including real-time feedback to employees based on visualised data.

Lawson entered Indonesia in 2011 and operates 71 stores in the country. Based on the results of this PoC, Lawson plans to optimise store operations and improve sales using digital technologies at stores in Indonesia and other Asian countries.

In addition, NEC will use ICT to realise smart retail in support of store operations that continue to create valuable customer experiences.

In Indonesia, Lawson’s development of delivery services has made the store a lifeline for many people who find it difficult to get out amid the expansion of social distancing and telecommuting to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Lawson stores in Indonesia continue to operate their stores while implementing safety measures that include the promotion of hand washing, mask wearing and disinfecting with alcohol.

The visual technology will monitor shoppers queuing at the check-out and the average waiting time to look at ways to increase check-out speed. It will also look at the volume of potential customers passing the store and ways to attract them to enter. And the PoC will look at ways to save energy in equipment such as refrigerators by monitoring using IoT sensors how often doors are opened and closed.