Moviebook digital twin upgrades retail functions

  • May 25, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

AI video production service provider Moviebook has released its ADT automatic digital twin engine to support the digital upgrade of retailers’ design, production, sales and services functions.

The Chinese company uses technological advances in computer vision and graphics to industrialise intelligent vision.

In the post-Covid-19 era, the new-retail market is witnessing growth. For retailers, though, completing the digital display of an online retail platform on a large scale requires a high level of digital savvy regarding technology development and application including the 360-degree transparent display of product details, high-tech restoration of product models, VR and AR for virtual product try-ons, and virtual tellers.

“Moviebook’s ADT can assist the industry in building new digital assets,” said a digital commerce executive at Moviebook. “For example, retailers can use ADT to upgrade their online stores and product management so more customers can enjoy a shopping experience that’s consistent with physical stores.”

The aim is to help ecommerce retailers achieve large-scale digital transformation.

For commodity retailing, commodities are viewed as a form of digital asset and presented digitally. ADT collects data through automated factories to generate 3D digital commodities in real time, as well as the commodity 3D supply chain, 3D marketing and service chain, and 3D application platform to reshape the relationship of commodity production, thus realising the digitalisation of the whole life cycle from product design and production planning to retail circulation.

For business services, it can quickly and automatically generate 3D virtual tellers, virtual press conferences and 3D virtual malls.

In product design and planning, ADT provides real-time 3D and AI tools centring on the product supply system to reshape the product and production relationship, controlling and matching product design, production and mass production through virtualised means.

The ADT is composed of a few core technical components, including 3D imaging system, 3D visual generation system and human-machine interactive system, which are connected and integrated to complete the modelling, action and interaction of goods and services quickly, so as to achieve the digital retail business service application.

The digital commerce executive explained that in terms of product listing, ADT allowed people in different locations to study the interactive 3D product models simultaneously and attach metadata to each component related to the materials, prices and more. For content creation, ADT can create 3D videos, interactive virtual IP and virtual shopping guides without a third-party database, promoting the integration of digital and real economy.

“Moviebook advocates to lower the technology application threshold as well as the mass application of AI technologies, making high-quality image production easier and more convenient,” said the executive. “As we apply intelligent imaging technology to business processes, it also breathes new life into the industrial chain to push forward the transformation and upgrading of traditional machine images to intelligent images.”

Moviebook is an infrastructure and service provider of intelligent video production. It aims to empower monetisation capacity to clients from media, retail, education and culture through intelligent vision. Building on technological advances in computer vision and graphics, the company can improve the production efficiency of visual content and innovate ways of presenting and interacting with such content. By applying AI technologies to videos, it produces application scenarios for intelligent video production technologies.