Leroy Merlin uses Hanshow ESLs to guide shoppers

  • June 11, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

DIY retailer Leroy Merlin is deploying Hanshow electronic shelf labels (ESLs) across more than 50,000 products integrated with its mobile app in France.

This lets customers enjoy seamless shopping with easier product geolocation and personalised recommendations in Leroy Merlin stores. After 18 months of R&D, it implemented a fully customised deployment in all Leroy Merlin outlets.

Leroy Merlin’s integration of Hanshow ESL into its mobile app offers geolocation in-store to guide shoppers to products and aisles. This enhances the shopping experience and allows staff to provide more personalised advice and support.

The ESL also provides price consistency between online and offline channels, with various features such as customer reviews, product descriptions, access to the Home Index to assess a product’s environmental and social impact, and the ability to flash labels directly from the application. These functions provide flexibility for consumers and store staff.

“We have successfully met the expectations of Leroy Merlin customers by enhancing the in-store experience,” said Pierre Fosseux, vice president of Chinese firm Hanshow in France. “By combining data and technological innovations, we have created a tailor-made tool that delivers a personalised experience for each customer.”

Whether it’s stock management, restocking or click-and-collect order preparation, the geolocation of products in the shop is a real time-saver for staff, who can devote themselves to focusing on higher-value tasks.

“It now takes sales staff around 75 seconds to pick up a product, instead of 90 seconds previously, for orders placed online and picked up in the shop within a two-hour window chosen by the customer,” said Olivier Personne, merchandising optimisation manager at Leroy Merlin. “Eliminating price differences has positively improved customer satisfaction.”

Hugues Hartung de la Roer, merchandising director at Leroy Merlin, added: “This enriches the customer experience across online and offline channels while simplifying in-store team tasks. Currently deployed in France, it is designed for larger-scale rollout in other Leroy Merlin locations.”

Part of the Adeo Group, Leroy Merlin (www.leroymerlin.fr) is a brand in France in all distribution channels for improving the home and the living environment. Specialising in the sale of products, projects and services,

Hanshow (www.hanshow.com) develops and manufactures electronic shelf labels and digital store options. The company offers customers a series of customised IoT touchpoints and digital store offerings that deliver customer-centric insights. Its products have provided services to stores across more than 50 countries and regions, helping them streamline operations and optimise pricing strategies, while offering shoppers a more personalised experience.