Klarna AI lets shoppers snap and buy

  • October 24, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Swedish payment and shopping technology company Klarna is tapping artificial intelligence (AI) so people can take a picture of something and instantly find where to buy it.

The AI-powered image-search allows users to snap, search and shop anything around them.

The shopping lens feature allows shoppers to take a picture of things and styles in their surroundings, instantly find out where to buy them, and get the best deal in the Klarna app, using the search and compare tool. Klarna uses AI to translate the image into a search term, so consumers can turn whatever catches their eye into a shoppable item. 

This builds on the company’s previous applications of AI to provide a discovery shopping feed in the Klarna app, which recommends products based on personal interests. The feed is now enriched with the global roll-out of shoppable videos. In May this year, Klarna released research that found that eight out of ten shoppers look forward to having an AI shopping assistant.

Klarna is also taking technology to the high street with a feature that gives smart spenders instant access to detailed product information when in-store. They can scan the item’s barcode for user reviews, to see whether there could be different colours or variants available online, or if they can find it for a cheaper price.

“Klarna is the smarter choice, whether you’re looking for shopping inspiration, personalised recommendations, or finding the best price,” said Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO of Klarna, “Just like the internet gave everyone access to information, AI gives everyone access to intelligence, context and personalisation. At Klarna we’re using this to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, connecting how humans get inspired with how computers search. I’m super proud that Klarna is leading this revolution in retail.”

The in-app AI shopping lens gives consumers the power to snap, search and shop almost anything around them. With the camera feature, the shopping lens can visually identify over ten million items – be it a piece of clothing, home decor or electronics – and match these with more than 50 million store offers in Klarna’s search and compare tool, enabling curious shoppers to learn more, and compare prices, retailers and reviews.

Shoppers will also be shown similar items that match the style of the pictured product, sparking more inspiration for products they may have never known existed. The shopping lens is available to consumers in the USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Blending social, video and ecommerce, shoppable video brings a stream of thumb-stopping content into the Klarna app. Shoppers can explore everything from unboxings and tutorials, to reviews and product drops from videos made by brands and Klarna’s global creator community. Any item they like can be shopped directly from the video. Shoppable videos have also evolved to allow creators to share content straight into the Klarna app, enabling them to reach Klarna’s 27 million monthly app users.

Thanks to the app’s AI-powered recommendation engine, consumers can enjoy a personalised video experience, with content that aligns with their interests. As a result, in the USA, average viewer time has increased by 60% and click-through rates by 25%, fuelling further growth and customer acquisition for retailers. Alongside the USA, shoppable videos are now available in the UK, Germany and Sweden.

With in-store shopping continuing to dominate, consumers want the searchability of the online shopping experience in brick-and-mortar stores.

In response, Klarna has rolled out the ability for consumers to scan the barcodes of more than ten million products across stores for instant access to detailed product information, such as reviews, variants and price comparisons. Using the app’s built in camera scanning feature, this empowers consumers to make smart decisions while on the high street, and pay by scanning a QR code at integrated retailers. In-store scanning is available in the UK, USA, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Norway.

In the Klarna app, UK shoppers can earn up to ten per cent of their purchase amount back with Klarna’s cashback programme when they choose Pay Now, Pay in Three or Pay Later at the checkout of retailers with active offers, including brands such as Farfetch, River Island, North Face and Hotels.com. This can then be applied for a discount on their next purchase when checking out with Klarna, either online or in the app.

Rolling out in the UK first, with more markets in the pipeline, the cashback programme is free to use and aims to provide consumers more value when they shop with Klarna. Moving away from the traditional points-based set-up, Klarna will give consumers more transparency and flexibility over how they earn and spend their rewards. For retailers, this allows them to connect with Klarna’s most engaged and high-intent shoppers, enabling them to give back to their customers. In doing so, retailers can strengthen consumer loyalty, drive growth and boost conversions.

Klarna has started rolling out a single sign-in, which lets consumers use their Klarna logins for a smoother sign-in and checkout experience at participating retailers, eliminating the need to create and remember multiple usernames and passwords. Available globally, retailers can integrate the service to give Klarna consumers a seamless shopping experience. 

Klarna will offer an enhanced level of protection to US consumers through Cover Genius’ global distribution platform, XCover. With this feature, consumers can protect their purchases from breakdown, accidental damage and more. Managing policies and filing claims is made easy and convenient through the Klarna app.

Klarna has partnered with Blackhawk Network, a branded payments provider, to offer a Gift Card Store in the Klarna app in the USA. This collaboration brings a selection of gift card options from retailers into the Klarna app, allowing consumers to purchase gift cards using Klarna. Currently available in the USA, the Gift Card Store is planned to roll out in the UK early next year. 

Sustainability certification filters empower consumers with the tools to shop more consciously. These enable consumers to identify products that have third-party sustainability certifications from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and Cradle to Cradle. The filters are available in the USA, UK, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

A conscious shopping dashboard serves as a centralised resource offering consumers access to an array of sustainability-oriented products, features and services provided by Klarna. The dashboard is available in the USA and will launch in additional countries in the coming months. 

Founded in 2005, Klarna (Klarna.com) has over 150 million global active users with two million transactions per day. More than 500,000 global retailers integrate Klarna’s technology and marketing to drive growth and loyalty, including H&M, Saks, Sephora, Macy’s, Ikea, Expedia, Nike and Airbnb.