InVastor start-up offers route to hyper retail

  • May 25, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Massachusetts start-up InVastor is offering the 32 million US small businesses training on how to move to the new hyper-retail model that converges physical location, services, digital presence, delivery, finance, technology, manufacturing and user social experiences.

The company uses technology and local warehouses to sell discounted products and services while offering customers options for local pickup, same day delivery or three-day shipping anywhere in the USA.

Hyper retail consists of redesigning the customer journey by offering one consumer an experience that is different from another consumer.

“Shopping is no longer about a product or service, but all about experiences,” said Chris Esikumo, CEO at InVastor. “A consumer should be able to buy insurance, pay a cable bill, buy coffee, shop for grocery and cloths at the same time. Businesses need to connect and complement each other, rather than compete. Those who can’t offer customers a great experience will not survive as can be seen with the bankruptcies of many major businesses. Major retailers can afford to give these experiences, but many small businesses can’t and InVastor wants to change that by providing them with data, technology, hardware and the know-how. We are bringing American Main Street back.”

InVastor started in an old warehouse full of old recycled electronics, months of unpaid rent and bills, and maxed out credit cards. Many small businesses face similar challenges, especially post the Covid-19 pandemic, but InVastor wants to help them transition their businesses and become successful.

“The hardship of running a business, while at the same time balancing your family life is one of the greatest challenges I’ve ever faced in life,” said Esikumo. “My family and friends’ belief in me gave me the determination to keep going, even when deep inside I wasn’t sure if I will make them broke as I saw many of them empty their savings to support me. We have overcome many challenges and now want to give this knowledge to businesses out there. Especially those mom-and-pop shops that can’t afford to develop their own technology, delivery services or build experiences for their customer. InVastor wants to be a partner in their journey.”

InVastor is looking to work with federal, state and local governments, chambers of commerce, local business and trade associations, or directly with local businesses on how to convert to the hyper-retail model.

InVastor is a technology first, social-ecommerce marketplace start-up that uses technology and local warehouses. It allows third-party sellers on its platform and use the same day delivery network as well as other technology tools. It has built its own network of drivers delivering goods sold on the platform, or on a third-party platform, and offers a standalone delivery service of anything that needs to be moved from point A to point B by independent drivers.