IBM and Infosys help Vantiq on smart retail framework

  • January 18, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Low-code application development platform provider Vantiq plans to join forces with IBM, Infosys and retail technology vendors to develop AI- and IoT-powered retail innovation.

California-based Vantiq provides a low-code enterprise development platform for distributed real-time, event-driven applications. Its smart retail development framework is a modular collection of application components leveraging AI and IoT to enable the development, deployment and management of smart retail applications at scale.

The framework’s library of components provides mix-and-match building blocks for IT and digital systems to have an impact on how nimbly retail brands can innovate within the physical store environment. The Smart Retail Framework gives retailers a flexible architecture that can evolve with technology to improve customer visibility and interactivity, create revenue-generating customer experiences, and streamline in-store operations.

The framework is supported by an end-to-end partner ecosystem consisting of ISVs, systems integrators and technology vendors including IBM, Infosys, Chooch AI and Store Intelligence. With a built-in library of reusable components, the framework is focused on enabling Vantiq partners to build and deploy customisable applications at scale such as real-time customer loyalty programmes, smart inventory management, dynamic pricing, connected digital and physical shopping carts, grab-and-go shopping, virtual queuing, and AI-enabled safety and security.

“The retail industry is hungry for the ability to connect the physical and digital worlds to improve operational efficiencies and strengthen brand loyalty through more personalised in-store customer experiences,” said Marty Sprinzen, CEO of Vantiq. “The Smart Retail Framework we’re unveiling today is designed to remove significant barriers to retail innovation by simplifying the development and deployment of flexible, scalable AI- and IoT-enabled applications. We’re excited to bring this framework to life. Together with Vantiq ecosystem partners, we are unlocking the future of digital retail innovation.”

The framework is pre-integrated to work with IBM’s Edge Application Manager to streamline the deployment of these retail applications.

“The Vantiq Smart Retail Framework provides a solid starting block of pre-existing components that are flexible and customisable for different environments, and can be tailored for each store, region or deployment,” said Rob High, CTO of IBM Edge Computing. “We’re excited to work with Vantiq in bringing-to-market these edge-ready smart retail applications that help enable technology and real-time intelligence to be deployed at edge computing centres in or near the stores thus powering the next generation of in-store shopping experiences.”

Dinesh Rao, executive vice president at Infosys, added: “Infosys is excited to collaborate with Vantiq for its Smart Retail Framework, to enable the retail industry to navigate digital transformation from ecommerce to digital supply chain management. The Vantiq Smart Retail Framework, enhanced with business and technology assets from Infosys Cobalt cloud offerings, will provide a leverage to retailers to simplify and transform their in-store customer experience.”

The Vantiq autonomous retail framework will be available to existing Vantiq users and interested customers early this year.