Honeywell and Microsoft on retail journey

  • January 17, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Honeywell, Tractor Supply, Microsoft and BarTender took visitors to this week’s NRF Big Show in New York on a first-hand journey through tech-enabled retail settings.

Honeywell presented its latest fit-for-purpose technology that could play a key role in advancing future retail growth. Under the theme Discover Frictionless Retail, the Honeywell stand demonstratedtechnologies empowering the retail associate, helping to create better customer experiences.

“As we end another peak holiday shopping season, smart retailers are developing strategies and incorporating solutions to maintain momentum into 2023,” said Tom Chittenden, president of Honeywell’s productivity services business. “At NRF this year, we’re showing retailers how the right tools can empower employees, boost their productivity and help them better serve customers.”

Honeywell also offered information and presentations to demonstrate the value of integrating retail technology, including:

  • Optimised mobility: Attendees observed how one of Honeywell’s latest mobile devices, the CT30 XP, can help manage an entire store’s operations. 
  • Point-of-sale (PoS): Live look at Honeywell Smart Pay, that is helping enable a seamless retail experience through contactless payment.
  • Microsoft Teams push to talk: Visitors experienced the increasing connectivity among the workforce through the Teams push-to-talk app.

Honeywell also delivered daily tech talks with: Tractor Supply on selecting a mobility hardware partner; Microsoft on enabling store associates with the right technology; retail experts on how a single event can change the course of consumer behaviour and require retailers to adapt their approach to people, processes and technology; and BarTender on standardising labelling processes so retailers gain control over the way documents are printed and managed, leading to gains in label accuracy and optimising logistics.