Gunnebo puts cash back into self checkout

  • February 23, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Swedish firm Gunnebo Cash Management is making it possible for consumers to pay with notes and coins at self-checkout stations.

SafePay Self-Checkout (SCO) can be integrated into retail self-service stations to facilitate cash payments when shoppers check out their goods themselves.

For retailers, self-checkouts offer multiple advantages in the form of cost savings and efficiency. More personnel are available to provide direct assistance to shoppers and employee productivity increases. Since many shops complain of understaffing and at the same time list one of their top priorities as improving customer service, self-checkouts are becoming more popular.

And on the customer’s side, they get a better in-store experience and a quicker checkout process with less or no queuing.

With over 15,000 systems installed globally, SafePay has been proven to deliver high uptime, which is key to consumer satisfaction. Since its note and coin recycling terminals can be used with a range of different self-service station types, retailers are given flexibility to improve store design.

And in terms of cash hygiene, SafePay plays a role in reducing staff touchpoints with notes and coins. As a closed cash management system, it ensures cash is never exposed or handled manually once it has left the customer’s hand. This not only improves cash handling hygiene, but also eliminates cash differences, automates reconciliation and increases security.

“Retailers want to make sure that their customers can pay for their goods the way they want,” said Christian Weisser, senior vice president at Gunnebo Cash Management. “SafePay SCO is the ideal way to provide consumers with the option to pay with cash at self-service stations. It gives retail staff more time to help shoppers and deliver better service so the whole customer experience is upgraded.”

Vice president Tom Christensen added: “SafePay SCO systems can combine multiple PoS configurations so retailers can be assured of a scalable solution which will grow with their business needs. And for stores which are particularly short of space in the back office, we have a unique sealbag pick-up solution which gives retailers fully closed cash management entirely located in the front office.”