Google shows benefit of Teamwork to retailers

  • February 28, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Google Cloud is working with Florida-based Teamwork Commerce, a retail management software developer, to enable retailers to provide products seamlessly and more efficiently to their customers.

To help retailers face post-pandemic times, Teamwork partnered with Google Cloud to launch a backend, which was once reserved for enterprise clients only, to all clients on the new Teamwork PoS Pro platform.

Together, Teamwork Commerce and Google Cloud will help retailers solve their most challenging problems such as capturing omnichannel revenue growth, driving operational efficiencies, and becoming a customer-centric, data-driven retailer.

Teamwork uses Google BigQuery, Cloud Composer and Looker to provide its clients with instant responses to any analytical query and bring power of data-driven decisions to all aspects of business operations. In addition to that, clients can use machine-learning (ML) models with BigQuery ML and Vertex AI to solve demand forecasting problems connected to replenishment, assortment planning, product allocation and others.

Teamwork moved to Google’s Kubernetes Engine to assist with an increase of ecommerce users around the holidays. Kubernetes has allowed Teamwork retailers not to overload the system when thousands of people want to perform tasks such as checking the balance of their gift card or placing an order.

Compliance is becoming more crucial in different regions. Teamwork Commerce’s global cloud headquarters (CHQ) run on Google Cloud, allowing retailers that operate or sell in different countries to follow compliance in any fiscal region in which they may be operating.

Teamwork Commerce is an omnichannel offering, providing retailers with point-of sale, order management, inventory control, CRM and analytics. Teamwork works closely with its partners to ensure it uses the latest technology to meet the needs of the ever-changing retail landscape. Retailers in more than 20 countries globally use Teamwork Commerce to take the friction out of retail, providing their customers with a better experience.