Delhi Metro app lets people shop while they ride

  • March 6, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

The Delhi Metro is launching a virtual shopping app that will let metro commuters buy a range of products and book services while travelling and collect their orders at the destination stations.

The Momentum 2.0 app will provide users instant and direct access to custom made services such as last-kilometre connectivity options, a wide array of e-shopping choices, and digital lockers for quick and safe deliveries. The app will also include features such as instant recharge of Delhi Metro’s smart cards and smart payment options for other utility services.

The app will offer three key value additions to the Delhi Metro experience, providing better access to last-kilometre connectivity options, virtual stores for shopping, and digital lockers at metro stations.

Commuters using this app will get access to instant features such as booking bikes, e-rickshaws, cabs and the timetable of feeder buses, DTC buses and cluster bus routes from Delhi Metro’s stations.

The app includes features for e-shopping options with an array of goods to choose from. This brick-and-click store experience will provide users with a convenience of shopping for groceries and other essential items at metro stations.

Selected brands will display their products and services in the app through extended reality tools, and travellers can use a QR code to shop for the goods of their choice as they wait for their train to arrive. The immersive and dynamic content at these virtual stores displays the goods on offer at the station, bridging the gap between digital and real-life shopping.

Delhi Metro is in the process of installing digital lockers or smart boxes at some stations, where goods ordered through e-shopping on the app can be deposited safely, and be collected by the buyers once they arrive at their destination station. These smart boxes will offer secure, tech-enabled management of parcels, security items and products.

These user-friendly lockers will work for fast delivery and retrieval cycles in association with ecommerce players. In addition, passengers can also use the smart boxes on a payment basis.

The app will also let commuters instantly recharge their smart card from anywhere. There is an auto-top-up facility for smart cards inbuilt into the app. The app will also facilitate smart payments. By setting up automatic instructions, recurring payments such as insurance, electricity and gas payments or Fastag recharge can be made easily.

The app will provide detailed information of facilities available at metro stations such as location and condition of gates, lifts, escalators, platforms, train timing, occupancy of coaches and space availability. Users can get real-time information on the arrival time of trains, subject to operational feasibility, location of platforms and exit gates. This will help the commuters book bikes or cabs before stepping out of the metro and have the vehicle ready on arrival at the destination station. The app will also offer information on shops, outlets, kiosks and ATMs available at the stations.