Datascan and Frequentiel bring RFID to retailers

  • March 29, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Texas-based Datascan and French firm Frequentiel are working together to bring RFID technology to retailers in North America and northern Europe.

The agreement brings together a physical inventory self-scan provider and European RFID provider.

Datascan has served the retail industry with its counting products for more than fifty years. Frequentiel’s Octo+ RFID product has enabled European retailers to track, count and analyse inventory management throughout the retail supply chain for over fourteen years.

“We have been talking to clients about the benefits of perpetual inventory accuracy for some time, and we are very excited to be able to broaden our portfolio to include RFID tracking alongside our core barcode solutions,” said Mark Belmer, chief revenue officer of Datascan. “This partnership gives our clients access to the potential of perpetual item-level tracking for every single unit in their inventory, backed by our own industry leading customer support.”

Jean-Baptiste Hochart, sales director of Frequentiel, added: “Frequentiel is excited to partner with such an established industry leader and extend our reach into new markets. We believe that Octo+, our RFID platform, that already tracks billions of items, will help retailers in North America and northern Europe with their omnichannel journey.”

Datascan provides self-scan physical inventory counting products to retailers in over 42 countries. The software is used to enable employees to accomplish accurate, on-demand physical inventory counts in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Frequentiel provides RFID hardware, tags and software for European retailers such as Galeries Lafayette and Kiabi. It delivers a cloud-hosted RFID platform that prevents out of stock situations and improves product availability in all channels, whether in stores or ecommerce.