CoPilot adds AI to car shopping app

  • November 28, 2023
  • William Payne

CoPilot has added AI-assistance to its car shopping app. Through the app, consumers can now receive AI-curated and ranked recommendations with detailed analysis on which vehicle is the best fit for them. This is based on AI processing of their personal preferences and geographic location. Consumers can also use CoPilot’s generative AI-backed chat function to answer car buying questions.

CoPilot’s AI-driven app is designed to eliminate time-consuming legwork of car shopping. The AI can accomplish more research and analysis in seconds than a human could achieve in hours.

Once a consumer tells CoPilot what it wants, CoPilot’s AI searches virtually every dealer in their area. It identies any vehicles meeting user specifications and analyses cars using CoPilot’s data.

“Car shopping has always been a grind,” said CoPilot CEO and Founder Pat Ryan. “It’s a complex process that takes the average consumer six months from start to finish. At CoPilot, we saw an immense opportunity for AI to entirely reinvent the process and eliminate the stress and legwork that goes into buying a car. CoPilot AI provides consumers with unique insights and analysis they need to make a smart car buying decision, within seconds.”

“AI-assisted shopping has massive potential for consumers. This is the future of AI: its potential to help consumers make far smarter decisions while taking the grind out of the process,” Ryan said. “While many people see the potential of AI to transform shopping, few comprehensive AI-assisted shopping experiences have emerged so far, given the massive and differentiated data and computational AI foundation required to power such experiences.”