Checkpoint protects shelves against sweeping

  • May 30, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Checkpoint Systems has introduced a shelf-management system to help retailers guard against stock sweeping, where multiple products are stolen in one go.

The ShrinkShelf anti-sweeping product comes from the New Jersey-based firm’s Alpha division and can help retailers enhance open-shelf security.

The shelf-management system increases product capacity on shelf while reducing shrink. It has been designed specifically to prevent loss from stock sweeping and organised retail crime, and to increase sales.

ShrinkShelf’s design lets shoppers continue to purchase shelf-based items with ease, while delivering protection to retailers. A time-delay feature prevents dishonest shoppers from stealing multiple products in one go and reducing the issue of sweeping. Other Alpha s products, such as Keepers and Spiderwraps, can be integrated with ShrinkShelf to add an extra layer of protection for high-theft items.

In addition to product protection, ShrinkShelf also offers advantages to retailers when it comes to merchandising. With a simple, easy-to-use format, store operators can restock shelves quicker and more efficiently. The pull-out drawer allows restocking from the back, which reduces labour costs, aids product expiry date control and lets employees spend more time with customers and less time stocking shelves.

With a format that can be adapted to fit almost any shelf, along with a slimline profile, ShrinkShelf can also increase shelf space by 20 to 30% thus driving sales.

“ShrinkShelf has proven that it is possible to reduce losses and drive sales growth, using simple but impactful design,” said Simon Edgar, Alpha’s product management director. “The combination of loss prevention focused anti-sweep techniques and near-perfect retail sales-focused product facing and planogram management, results in a solution that really does enable retailers to sell more and lose less.”

Comprising the shelf body, an acrylic front panel, metal dividers, pushers and hoods, ShrinkShelf also has LED lights, an education bar that can be used to inform consumers about specific products, a try-me bin for available product samples, and what’s-new and clearance buttons to inform customers of new or clearance items. This engages consumers during the buying process and can encourage additional sales.