Cantaloupe puts AI in self-service checkout

  • May 15, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Pennsylvania-based digital payments and software services company Cantaloupe introduced a self-service AI product range at last week’s National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) show in Atlanta.

The newly branded Cantaloupe Go product line aims to bring the self-service experience directly to consumers.

The offering includes a line of self-checkout kiosks, smart-store concepts and a management platform. This is the first time the firm’s advancements in smart store technology using artificial intelligence (AI) and smart lock features have debuted publicly.

“The new Cantaloupe Go branding better aligns with our overall mission to power self-service commerce, both in the USA and globally,” said Elyssa Steiner, chief marketing officer at Cantaloupe. “It provides one cohesive brand for Cantaloupe and showcases our innovative smart-store technologies prominently, which positions Cantaloupe as a major player in both the micro market and self-service retail space.”

The Go Mini, Go Mini X, Go Plus100, Go Plus200, Go Plus300 and Go Max make up the line of self-checkout kiosks. Each kiosk model varies in cost, features and payment acceptance capabilities, providing operators with flexible options to establish self-service experiences in various locations. In addition, the smart-store range provides a complete point-of-sale offering for those wanting to extend self-service into semi-public or public settings.

On display at the show was the Cooler Café, which uses a payment terminal to link up to three connected coolers for buying food and beverage products. Using smart-lock technology, the Cooler Café remains locked until payment is processed. Operators can monitor cooler temperature in real time.

The Smart Café was being displayed for the first time at the show, and uses dynamic vision and AI technology to charge the consumer for products they select out of the cooler. Consumers present their payment, grab the item and walk away.

The Smart Market, a completely locked micro market, allows consumers to log into a user account or unlock the market with a credit or debit card. Once the consumer has made their selections, they complete their purchase at the kiosk. The Smart Market is available from Cantaloupe in Europe and was being showcased for the first time in the USA.

All Cantaloupe Go self-service products integrate directly into the firm’s Seed platform, enabling operators to expand their self-service options while maintaining efficiency in servicing, routing and overall store performance.

“We are so excited about our self-service kiosk and smart-store technologies,” said Steiner. “Cantaloupe is truly creating a one-stop-shop for self-service retail products and is delivering a cohesive shopping experience for our operators and their customers. Globally, this presents a strong and recognisable brand that showcases how Cantaloupe technology powers self-service commerce.”