Bunzl IoT button warns of shopping centre loo problems

  • April 14, 2020
  • imc

Shopping malls and airports can keep their toilets cleaner with added capabilities to Canadian firm Bunzl’s IoT-based restroom monitoring system, WandaNext.

The added components are a mobile application and IoT alert button to broaden the system’s applicability to varied facility sizes and types.

The WandaMobile application enables environmental cleaning teams to document cleaning activities from their mobile devices. It provides facility managers with data analytics to confirm activity types and frequency, analyse consumable usage, and optimise resource deployment.

The application can be used with the newly introduced WandaQuicktouch IoT button to alert cleaning teams to issues that require immediate attention.

“More than ever, the focus will be on ensuring that the correct cleaning protocols for specific facility types have been established, and are being followed,” said Bunzl president John Howlett. “We continue to work with Visionstate IoT to enhance this important technology so we can proactively address the new challenges our customers face in maintaining healthy, safe and productive environments.”

WandaNext is comprised of robust analytics software and data collection components that include touchscreen tablets, infra-red traffic counting units, the new mobile application and IoT alert buttons. Its configuration can be customised to meet specific facility management needs.

The system’s growing installation base includes healthcare, retail, commercial office, conference, airport and distribution facilities across Canada and the USA. It was also recently launched in the UK and Australia.

“WandaNext is a powerful compliance management tool that will help to raise the standard of cleaning and hygiene in public spaces,” said John Putters, CEO of Visionstate IoT. “Organisations who implement this advanced technology will be seen as industry leaders and best practice examples of state-of-the-art environmental management.”

Bunzl provides the cleaning and hygiene products and equipment, food and retail packaging, safety products and industrial supplies that are used by more than 45,000 Canadian businesses. Bunzl in Canada is a division of Bunzl Distribution, headquartered in St Louis, Missouri, the largest division of London-based Bunzl, an international distribution and outsourcing group.

Canadian firm Visionstate invests in the research and development of technology in the realm of the IoT, big data and analytics, and sustainability. The footprint of its Wanda smart device now extends to hospitals, airports, shopping centres and other public facilities across and beyond North America.