Birdzi improves supermarket personalisation

  • September 1, 2022
  • William Payne

Retail customer intelligence firm Birdzi has launched a new version of its VISPER platform that allows fully personalised promotions with no manual input. According to Birdzi, VISPER 2.0 can customise every element of a supermarket promotion specifically to each individual shopper.

VISPER 2.0 is a platform designed to provide customer intelligence and engagement for the supermarket industry. Early trials of VISPER 2.0 by supermarket chains have seen increased customer loyalty.

Consultancy McKinsey reports that only 23% of shoppers believe retailers effectively personalise the customer journey. This is retailers match customer segments with an existing promotion from a fixed content library.

Birdzi’s VISPER 2.0 platform utilises KIC Scores, a shopper quality index, to create the best promotion for each customer. The promoted products are chosen from across the entire catalogue, instead of from a pre-set list of vendor deals, and paired with the images, text and discount most likely to intrigue the shopper with no manual intervention required.

“VISPER 2.0 ensures higher relevancy and makes it easy for shoppers to find deals that will encourage them to visit the same grocer time and time again,” said Shekar Raman, CEO and co-founder, Birdzi. “Already, we’re seeing fantastic results from our customer base. It’s clear VISPER 2.0 is redefining what it means for grocers to create personal digital experiences.”

Coborn’s, an established Birdzi customer, tested VISPER 2.0 between April 2022 and August 2022. The solution automatically created thousands of customised offers for the store’s shoppers and distributed them via Coborn’s app and website. Coborn’s witnessed improvement in customer loyalty and retention, without investing any employee time into managing the personalisation campaigns.

Among shoppers who participated in the VISPER 2.0 campaign, Coborn’s witnessed a 6% improvement in retaining or growing shopper loyalty segments and a 32% improvement in migrating shoppers upwards through loyalty tiers.

“After we saw how well our customers responded to this new style of personalisation, we were inspired to expand the implementation across all of our locations,” said Diana Barr, director digital and loyalty marketing, Coborn’s. “The solution fits seamlessly into our existing customer touchpoints and the impact on our customer’s lifetime value was quickly clear.”

In addition to driving custom campaigns for grocers themselves, VISPER 2.0 extends the reach of customised offers beyond the typical vendor pool and allows grocers to partner with consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands.