Bambuser brings live video shopping into malls

  • October 26, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Swedish company Bambuser is launching Phygital, a tailored concept of live video shopping addressing demands from physical retail spaces such as shopping malls, stores and hotels.

As the world faces lifting Covid-19 restrictions, live video shopping is emerging in physical retail spaces more and more, bridging the gap between the increasing demand for easy online shopping and the need to revitalise stores that have long been struggling with a decline in footfall.

Throughout 2021, Bambuser has developed a specialised concept aimed at property owners, shopping centres, department stores, large retail chains and hotels. The purpose is to help them offer new ways to market their spaces, increase reach and improve sales. Phygital has been developed in collaboration with some of Scandinavia’s largest property owners, such as AMF Fastigheter and Atrium Ljungberg.

“Over the past two years we have learned that interactive and social video will revolutionise all aspects of retail,” said Maryam Ghahremani, CEO of Bambuser. “I am very excited and have high expectations for physical spaces adapting to the growing live shopping trend, with forward-leaning property owners and department stores leading the way together with Bambuser.”

Bambuser is a software company specialising in interactive live video streaming. The company’s primary product, live video shopping, is cloud-based software that is used by global ecommerce and retail businesses to host live shopping experiences on web sites, mobile apps and social media.

Bambuser was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Stockholm.