AlwaysAI puts computer vision into PoS

  • September 1, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Florida-based PoS Upgrades (PoSU), a specialist in payment technology, is working with computer vision company AlwaysAI to bring visual recognition for food and other items to the point of sale.

These systems will allow vendors to tie all aspects of contactless service from item recognition to customer identification into an integrated experience.

“This partnership helps PoSU bring cutting-edge technology to market faster,” said Michael Cassidy, CEO of PoSU. “Our work in computer vision, and especially with AlwaysAI, is a great example of how we use innovation to support our customers’ success while extending our leadership position.”

California-based AlwaysAI will work with PoSU initially to offer its customers a streamlined, affordable system for self-checkout, particularly for industries such as airports, hospitals, schools and sports venues. In addition, the companies will work to improve overall customer checkout experience.

“Our world has experienced huge disruptions to supply chains and labour markets, and companies everywhere are looking for new technologies like contactless checkout systems to fill the gap and drive more business,” said Marty Beard, CEO of AlwaysAI. “We are excited to work with PoS Upgrades on their new PoS system to bring easy and innovative payment kiosks to venues everywhere.”

AlwaysAI provides developers and enterprises with a platform for building, training, deploying and managing computer vision applications on IoT devices.

PoSU is a technology company specialising in PoS. It facilitates client processes and user experience to enhance business growth by offering PoS products, payment options, resource staffing, implementation from start to finish, and support-desk services.

The company deploys thousands of PoS and payment devices yearly, and is a single-source provider of technical resources for installations of new and upgraded PoS systems for venues large and small. It is family-owned and operated.