All-In-One Smart POS retail response to Covid

  • January 6, 2022
  • William Payne

Shanghai based electronics developer USI and Taiwan based payments software developer Symlink have developed an all-in-one Smart POS terminal. eOrder can integrate the sales functions of physical stores, process merchant sales data in one stop, support credit cards and mobile payment, and provide consumers with independent and self-service checkout services.

The two companies have developed the new terminal as a response to increased demand for physical shops to provide customers with a safer, more attractive and faster shopping environment. USI and Symlink have jointly developed the all-in-one smart POS terminal, the eOrder, as a terminal sales platform with a fashionable design that can support different payment methods and meet the user habits of the consumers.

With an HD display and high-efficiency processor, eOrder can show the information on all products in a store directly and deal with any work timely and efficiently with the back-end inventory system. With its 7inches display and highly compatible payment system, it can support magnetic stripe cards, chip cards, and NFC contactless payment. After choosing their favourite products in the store, the consumers can just learn about the information on the products, complete their shopping, and make a payment on the terminal display of the eOrder without contacting shop assistants physically or verbally.

Hawk Sun, the Vice Director of Vertical Solutions of USI, said: “We are pleased to work with Symlink to develop the next generation of the All-In-One smart POS terminal – eOrder. In terms of appearance, in addition to simple and fashionable patterns, we have also paid close attention to practicality and safety of our product, to adapt to the user habits of consumers nowadays. The era of new retail has arrived. COVID-19 has accelerated the transformation and evolution of the industry, and consumers are paying more attention to how to consume safely in a contactless way while experiencing products. eOrder could provide merchants with a better one-stop solution that perfectly combines product information and transaction needs to improve the satisfaction of consumers.”