AI brings packaging to life

  • May 2, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Australian tech start-up Immertia has introduced an AI-powered concept that turns ordinary product packaging into an interactive experience for consumers.

The Hologram Concierge concept links an intelligent holographic assistant to packaging to offer a captivating and futuristic way for customers to interact with products.

When a consumer scans the product packaging with their smartphone camera, the Hologram Concierge activates a lifelike, three-dimensional holographic assistant that seems to emerge from within the product itself.

The holographic assistant, which is powered by augmented reality, takes centre stage, replacing the front panel and contents of the package, captivating the consumer with a visually immersive experience.

In this interactive encounter, it can provide detailed information about the brand and about the product. The holographic assistant is not limited to a static appearance; it dynamically moves and gestures, creating a sense of realism and engagement.

The surrounding environment is also transformed, with clickable virtual links and three-dimensional content appearing to float in mid-air, providing a mesmerising experience for consumers.

The technology offers opportunities for packaging manufacturers, and innovators in the field.

“The response to the concept has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Dave Chaffey, managing director of Immertia. “This technology will revolutionise how the packaging industry engages with consumers, offering interactive and immersive experiences that are bound to capture attention.”

He said the Hologram Concierge allowed packaging manufacturers to introduce an additional layer of interaction, enabling brands to share more information, showcase complementary products, and offer engaging content.

“It’s a powerful way to increase customer engagement and drive sales,” said Chaffey. “The Hologram Concierge has the potential to transform the way packaging manufacturers think about product and information delivery. It’s a new frontier for brand engagement and consumer interaction. As the packaging industry adopts this technology, we can expect to see a surge in innovative designs and improved functionality that will elevate the entire sector. This is a chance for packaging manufacturers to differentiate themselves and stay ahead of the curve.”

The Immertia team is working on integrating two prototype technologies to create a human concierge that answers product-related questions in real time. This development promises to usher in an era of conversational commerce, with real-time content streaming from product manufacturers, enhancing trust and credibility with consumers.

Chaffey added: “This technology is a game-changer for packaging manufacturers, offering them an opportunity to deliver added value to their clients and differentiate themselves in a competitive market.”

The company is rolling out the technology to packaging manufacturers, marketing agencies and consumer goods brands.