Verizon device tracks high-value equipment

  • May 18, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Verizon Connect has introduced a device to track and manage high-value equipment. The sleek, discreet, easy-to-install device has replaceable, long-life batteries.

Designed for those who are running their mobile business on the Verizon Connect Reveal fleet management platform, the asset tracker was built for easy self-installation and customisable check-in rates. The replaceable battery extends the life of the device and its value.

For businesses that manage and maintain equipment in the field, the ability to locate and monitor remotely the status, location, productivity and other key metrics helps provide a return on an investment in what is oftentimes high-value machinery. Thus, Verizon Connect has introduced a discreet asset tracker that is easy to conceal, self-install and self-manage, to help its Reveal customers reduce theft, improve equipment use and billing, and reduce equipment downtime with a replaceable battery.

Now, generators, trailers, storage containers, yellow iron and other equipment can be located and managed remotely – as well as their vehicles, drivers and jobs – online through the Reveal fleet management platform or the Verizon Connect Spotlight app.

“When customers invest in and deploy equipment to job sites – especially high-value equipment – they now have a sleek, easy-to-install and hard-to-detect device that will help them reduce theft and improve utilisation,” said Erin Cave, director at Verizon Connect. “Now business owners in logistics, construction, transportation and other industries can easily install this new Verizon Connect asset tracker device and efficiently manage their fleet vehicles, people, jobs and assets on one software platform.”

Verizon Connect has more than 3000 employees in 15 countries.