UnaBiz brings KYOCERA asset management to Europe

IoT service provider UnaBiz has brought KYOCERA’s SeeGale asset management system from Japan to transform parcels and boxes shipment monitoring in Europe.

UnaBiz, as the primary distributor of SeeGale in Europe, co-exhibited with KYOCERA Communication Systems at last week’s Parcel+Post Expo in Amsterdam.

SeeGale is an end-to-end tracking option that detects the opening and closing of parcels to ensure the integrity and security of products during transportation. Empowered by Sigfox 0G technology, SeeGale allows its users to track the location and security of their goods in parcels with low energy usage, offering a low-cost and environmentally responsible operation for those who value longevity and traceability.

“It is remarkable to see KYOCERA moving beyond the traditional tracking of returnable transport packaging assets to address new customer needs with SeeGale parcel monitoring,” said Loic Barancourt, chief commercial officer of UnaBiz. “We are thrilled that they chose Sigfox 0G technology, and have achieved success in Japan with this simple, low-cost, and energy-efficient innovation, a perfect fit for parcel monitoring. SeeGale meets the burgeoning needs of the logistics industry by providing real-time insights, increasing transparency and visibility of high-value goods, and enabling next-level inventory management and demand forecasting.”

He said this end-to-end option alleviated concerns about the complexity of connectivity, hardware and software.

“We strongly believe that SeeGale will revolutionise a myriad of sectors that prioritise parcel shipment monitoring such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, luxury, and industrial and automation manufacturers,” he said.

Naoki Kawai, division manager at KYOCERA Communication Systems, added: “We are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology. SeeGale represents a culmination of our efforts to create smarter and more secure options for the global market. We are excited to partner with UnaBiz to introduce SeeGale to Europe, revolutionising product shipment monitoring and creating new possibilities in various industries including the supply chain sector in Europe.”

For inventory management in manufacturing, SeeGale enhances production planning and demand forecasting by providing precise tracking of in-market inventory and discerning consumer trends. This is particularly transformative for managing costly maintenance parts and components that are produced in sm all quantities, and broad assortment of long-tail products, optimising inventory levels and thereby enhancing the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

It can manage the distribution of high-value goods with a security seal. Pharmaceuticals, alcoholic beverages and luxury companies can assure their customers that their purchased goods are only opened at authorised shipping checkpoints, or remain unopened until they reach their final destinations. This improves the quality and integrity of the transportation process, ensuring premium products reach their destination in impeccable condition, free from sabotage.

SeeGale-Card is a reusable card-type device that not only detects the location but also the opening status of products during transportation. With its reusable nature, it can be integrated seamlessly into different packaging types, including plastic containers, providing an efficient and sustainable way to monitor products and components throughout their journey. The device lasts for approximately two years if one message is sent per day, and four years if one message is sent per month.

SeeGale-Film is a film version tailored for disposable packaging boxes. It provides effective monitoring for single-use packaging without additional waste generation.

SeeGale-Card is available in the Sigfox RCZ1 radio configuration while the SeeGale-Film is under development.

UnaBiz (www.unabiz.com) is a massive IoT service provider and integrator that specialises in design, manufacturing, connectivity and data platform services across a hybrid of network communication technologies to power sustainable business growth. It owns the Sigfox 0G technology that connects over 12 million sensors for 1500 B2B customers in collaboration with more than 70 national 0G operators and partners.

KYOCERA Communication Systems, also known as KCCS, is based in Japan. More details can be found at www.kccs.co.jp.