Synkrato adds AI to warehouse digital twin

  • March 27, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Californian logistics company Synkrato is pairing warehouse digital twins with artificial intelligence.

The combined digital twin and AI-driven logistics introduces capabilities for warehouse optimisation using an AI-based algorithm.

The update allows Synkrato users to connect a warehouse digital twin to the slotting engine and perform slotting and re-slotting using digital twins.

“We believe the key to supply chain resilience and innovation is to simplify transformative technologies,” said Amin Sikander, Synkrato president. “Companies are looking to streamline operations without requiring a high level of IT skills. Managing slotting algorithms in a spreadsheet is a labour-intensive, error-prone process, especially with a lot of inventory coming in and going out. By connecting Synkrato digital twin to the adaptive slotting algorithm, businesses gain real-time warehouse efficiency through a user-friendly interface.”

After users create a digital twin, the latest version of Synkrato automatically provides recommendations on where to find, store and relocate inventory within a warehouse. According to Sikander, warehouse space and labour availability are both becoming scarce in some areas of the USA.

“The shortage of warehouses, rising rent and capacity constraints have firms searching for ways to get the most out of their existing industrial space,” he said. “Additionally, low inventory visibility and poor pick-up paths require extra labour to prepare orders at a time when finding warehouse operators is challenging. This software update helps companies optimise their available resources.”

Synkrato’s dynamic digital twin sends data to slotting, such as inventory location, distances, sales history, personnel and stock levels, in real time. The slotting algorithm then uses these data to provide ongoing slot recommendations for all incoming and outgoing orders in real time. This integration simplifies slotting and supports an agile strategy by removing bottlenecks, recommending optimal pick paths and streamlining putaway.

“Imagine a warehouse with a single staging area and three inventory storage zones,” said Jason Mancuso, Synkrato product director. “The price to move inventory to the staging area is proportional to the distance, so the closest distance has the lowest movement cost. Synkrato provides recommendations on where to store products based on sales history, forecast and staging distance to reduce costs and order-preparation time, all from the digital twin interface.”

Synkrato showcased its digital twin and AI-driven logistics at last week’s ProMat show in Chicago.

The Synkrato team has provided inventory and warehouse management to Fortune-100 organisations for more than 15 years resulting in the management of more than $1bn in inventory for its clients. The team has advised on, implemented and rolled out supply chain, labelling and inventory options in numerous industries worldwide.